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Olympus At War (pegasus)

Olympus At War


Author: Kate O'Hearn

Written by Kate O'Hearn and it was published by Aladdin. This book went on sale sometime in 2013. The book has 400 pages. The book is 1.5"H x 8.3"L x 5.8"W. It weighs close to 1 lbs, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

Emily, newly recognized simply because the Flame, is living in Jupiter's palace on Mt. It will probably be hard adequate to  hide a winged horse from the prying eyes of the CRU,  but a winged boy at the very same time? The only individual missing is Emily's father, who is nonetheless being held prisoner by the CRU back in the human planet. Her friends, Joel, Paelen, and— of course— Pegasus, are there at the same time. Then Cupid, Emily's sort-of crush, decides to come along as well. However, Emily does have access to a winged horse… Determined to rescue her father, Emily and her friends make plans to sneak away from Olympus and back to New York. And when the gruesome Nirads begin a new invasion, old grudges are unearthed, new enemies are discovered, and Emily and her pals become entangled in a conflict a lot more dangerous than they ever anticipated. Emily wants to go find him, but Jupiter won't allow her to leave. Olympus.


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